the main point of saying voting is the way to defeat fascism is to stop people from rioting, going on strike etc

the overwhelming majority of people have been successfully convinced that "politics" is when you make one extremely limited choice every 4-5 years. every other form of political action is a crime

if people genuinely believe that a fascist is in power, or that power is within a fascist's grasp, the rigorously correct moral choice is not to vote against whoever is most likely to defeat the fascist. the rigorously correct moral choice is to shoot the fascist with a gun

on tactics (against fascists) 

@garfiald I'm pretty sure that fascism both produces demagogues and draws them in from outside. So a fascist who gets anywhere near power almost certainly has a cult of personality that's ready to treat them as a martyr, possibly including a junior demagogue who could take over in their absence. Cutting off the head is necessary but not sufficient.

@garfiald that's not the only political thing

wanting human rights is also politics /s

@assdemon i'm kidding, btw

making fun of chuds who scream about "muh politics" every time a marginalized person says "hey please let me live a full life"

@garfiald in times of intense urgency, a call to a member of Congress might be required.

@garfiald really frustrating how the least effective political action (voting, calling your senators, donations) is the most normalized

@garfiald @SunSaint

Really, voting is the minimum. We have to do both. The argument that people need to vote is for people who feel negatively about fascism but can't even be bothered to vote against it, which is like, the lowest stakes thing you can possibly do.

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