actually its good that you can't post about philosophy on here without me instantly berating you with inane bullshit in the replies. im fighting to keep the site free of excessive nerd bullshit, qctually

@garfiald I am constantly begging you to do this to me and you are constantly replying "mads I am informed about, like, specific things that interest me, not just any random bullshit you write three thousand words about"

@esvrld @Manurweibling @garfiald the discourse would be too powerful, the sheer density of the toots would push the planets out of alignment

@Manurweibling my failings are manifold in their diversity and endless in number

@georgespolitzer @garfiald this is a self-own, I'm not informed about anything I'm just constitutionally unable to shut up

@garfiald thinking about thinking about thinking? think again

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