lol some publications are framing this as "Butler comes out in favour of trans rights" . Butler was advocating for trans people before i was born lmfao

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@garfiald Judith Butler is fucking funny in general, I went to the presentation of her latest book in Berlin and the way she shot down bad faith questions just made me giggle

@garfiald 'AF: I want to challenge you on the term “terf”, or trans-exclusionary radical feminist, which some people see as a slur.

JB: I am not aware that terf is used as a slur.'


@garfiald how to read this without an account on new statesman?

@luka a vpn might work, because it can be read without an account here in the UK?

“AF: Threats of violence and abuse would seem to take these “anti-intellectual times” to an extreme. What do you have to say about violent or abusive language used online against people like JK Rowling?

JB: I am against online abuse of all kinds. I confess to being perplexed by the fact that you point out the abuse levelled against JK Rowling, but you do not cite the abuse against trans people and their allies that happens online and in person.”

lmao gettem JB

@garfiald honestly i would do almost anything to have a cup of coffee with judith butler

@garfiald @bee everything mean I have said about Budith Jutler's impenetrable writing is balanced out by their poise in this interview

@LilyVers @garfiald @bee She brought a goddamn katana to that interview for sure. Do not fuck with JB; you'll be cut into cubes and not realize it until you fall into a pile on the floor.

@garfiald I love that she's done with people misinterpreting her or willfully being dicks

@garfiald this interviewer is so impossibly weak next to judith butler 😂

@garfiald wild to me to think about that engels has come out in favour of worker's rights

@garfiald I'd heard stuff about Butler that implied she's transphobic, so it was definitely news to me

@alexandria @garfiald a lot of people (including me) wildly misinterpret what she wrote yeah

@alexandria yeah uhhhh... definitely not. I have seen transphobes misread her work, and those misreadings have widely circulated around the internet. I have a lot to say about just how bad those readings are, suffice to say they are not a serious assessment of her philosophy.

As for her personal actions, she has been a major activist who advocated for trans people specifically since the 1990s

trans community pol, twitter 

@garfiald @alexandria I saw some nebulous stuff around Twitter a few years back that gave a similar impression

After researching what exactly anyone was objecting to and finding naff all, I settled on it most likely being that medicalist crowd who see anyone who isn't gung-ho "The DSM is strong and it is my dad" as transphobic

@garfiald i admire this publication for publishing their own interviewer just getting roasted like this lmao

@garfiald butler so thoroughly skewered the interviewer rejecting the premise of the clearly leading questions, that I'm honestly surprised they published it in this form?

@garfiald this is great. I can feel the interviewer sweating more and more profusely with every question

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