lol some publications are framing this as "Butler comes out in favour of trans rights" . Butler was advocating for trans people before i was born lmfao

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@garfiald I'd heard stuff about Butler that implied she's transphobic, so it was definitely news to me

@alexandria yeah uhhhh... definitely not. I have seen transphobes misread her work, and those misreadings have widely circulated around the internet. I have a lot to say about just how bad those readings are, suffice to say they are not a serious assessment of her philosophy.

As for her personal actions, she has been a major activist who advocated for trans people specifically since the 1990s

trans community pol, twitter 

@garfiald @alexandria I saw some nebulous stuff around Twitter a few years back that gave a similar impression

After researching what exactly anyone was objecting to and finding naff all, I settled on it most likely being that medicalist crowd who see anyone who isn't gung-ho "The DSM is strong and it is my dad" as transphobic

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