uspol: Question for people who know about stats/polling methodology 

how do polls control for the fact that there will be cops and nazis at polling stations and some (or all?) mail-in ballots might not be counted?



this is an issue with all analysis of this election, but it's especially strange to see on the left. I'm seeing a lot of leftists say either "biden will win" or "this should be the easiest dem win but biden's campaign is so bad that they might lose". Both of those claims appear to be based on the assumption that every adult american will get a vote, which is honestly delusional


@garfiald A friend who I trust on this topic told me that polling methodology does in fact take voter suppression into account, but also that every secondhand source on polling is complete bullshit because they can't interpet the statistics properly at all.

I think they sent me a link but I would have to go digging to find it.


@garfiald also, that the dems even *want* to win. Trump’s policies benefit the higher-ups in the dnc, so what do they care if they lose?

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