people exploiting chomsky's email goodwill and harassing him with internet bullshit remains one of our most enduring sources of cringe

@garfiald no its good because chompskers has been a cringelib his entire career

@garfiald he kind of deserves it for all the shit he has put us¹² through

¹: linguistics students
²: anarchists

@garfiald he comes across to me as a very kind guy who is incredibly generous with his time

@healyn @garfiald

a friend of mine emailed him at 17 to ask for advice about what to do after the baccalaureate (high school), and he answered very very sweetly with something along the lines of "only you can make these decisions, and you'll learn from them no matter what". so yes chomsky is an absolute sweetheart.

@jiqqules @garfiald as someone who is old as shit, people like Chomsky and Zinn were still considered wildly to the left when I was an undergrad in the early 2000s, and they shoved the overton window to the left with their frankness. Chomsky may seem overly "pragmatic" these days, but that's a guy who has put in a ton of actual work

man's old and looks just exhausted, really wish people would just leave him the hell alone instead of finding new and creative ways to make him show up in the latest match of semi-professional twitter dick-swinging.

@garfiald full agree, dude is a legend and morally sound as a bonus

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