something deeply destructive about the way so many people in western nations have been conned into thinking that politics is when you vote

picking between 2 barely distinguishable options on the basis of which suit sounds the cleanest/most patriotic every 4-5 years, that is politics. if lowly plebs attempt to influence power in between that, they are delusional, naive, and also rioters and terrorists

turns out the elections were an empty simulacrum and the people in power, regardless of who they are, consistently work to defend capital and keep themselves in power? must be because you didn't vote hard enough. vote harder next time!

you think it's bad that our overlords talk about a "climate emergency" one minute and build new gas megafrackeries the next? too bad kiddo, the "politics" window for this half-decade has closed. youre gonna have to wait for the next election, to pick one of two options, both of whom will build more megafrackeries

getting the obligatory "voting does make a difference!" replies so let me make my argument in the simplest possible terms lol. sure, voting makes a difference. but it never, ever makes *enough* of a difference. at most, voting can maybe affect a fifth of the exercise of power at any local level

at best, voting gives enables the majority to make tiny course corrections on our way to the Western Nation's journey for the only valid objective: annihilation by infinite growth

"oh so you think its communism or nothing?" yes. we are literally headed for extinction

anyway, the original point was, you have infinitely more power than politicians and bosses want you to believe you have, walking into a booth every few years is one among millions of things you can do to change the world around you

@garfiald okay Garf you're starting to sound like an anarchist

@schratze @garfiald i mean, the degree to which any major party is beholden to capital makes it unlikely for them to be able to effect change even if they were interested in doing so, that is the bargain they make to get to a position where they can effect change.

@garfiald mm yes you chose this hell (which was advertised very aggressively to you as Different This Time), therefore you have acceded to the New Social Contract and all further disagreement on the part of the undersigned constitutes a Breach Of Socially Acceptable Desire To Continue Having A World In Which To Live Or Even Improve It Somewhat Before It Collapses

@garfiald in the US at least even voting for the more radical or hell 3rd party candidates is treated with scorn and contempt lmao


Let me tell you about the California recall election.

It turns out you only a few thousand signatures to trigger a recall. Then, there's an election on a special day (not one of the two designated days per year). There's two questions on the ballot:
1. Should we recall the governor.
2. Who should we replace him with? Followed by a list of names.

You can get on that list by getting a few hundred signatures and paying a few thousand dollars.

If more than 50% of people who show up on the random day say yes, whoever gets the most votes on question 2 wins, even if that's like 10%.

The guys with the most name recognition is a right wing radio host with policy proposals that appeal to people who listen to that kind of radio.

He's got an excellent chance of becoming governor because this is all hella confusing to normal people.

This who recall was kicked off by covid denialists.

Which is to say that the reduction of politics to voting is wrong, but it would obviously also be a mistake to ignore voting....

People who can vote in California should vote no, IMO.

@garfiald Something similar is happening in Malaysia, where I live, which I think is a combination of:

- Suppression of progressive movements about half a century ago
- Political apathy arising from preoccupation with "making it to the top" in the national neoliberal landscape

And it deluded people enough that we elected a former crypto-dictator in 2018 who "defected" from the ruling party, and they reacted with "surprise" when he led a political mess proving that nothing fundamentally changed

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