one of the problems with dumb meaningless groupings like "AFABs", "womxn", "people of ovular experience" is that they're more interested in establishing Human Resources categories for diversity and inclusion corporate programmes than in building coalitions for change

@garfiald ‘people of ovular experience’ sounds like something a job advert would be looking for

@garfiald that's exactly it i think. choosing pre-existing atomic identities out of a restaurant menu of marginalisation model of liberation. the endpoint isn't any kind of genuine change, it's articulating your existence in a way that qualifies it for institutional recognition

@esvrld @garfiald @lucasrizoli It’s also useful to keep in mind that some of it (not all of it!) is being weaponized to break coalitions rather than strengthen them. “Third Wave Feminism” assumed a coalition of anyone regardless how they identified. “Fourth” and so-called “Fifth” waves have had increasing infighting on definitions and terms. TERF as a phrase implies those bigots are still “feminists” which is the opposite of big tent coalition building. Kick out the threats, not the allies

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