Owaisi made a very valid point. What if the mosque was never demolished. The land was still disputed. Then, would the SC have ordered demolishment of a structure? A 16th century heritage site?

@gargeemk the world of what ifs is a tricky one
Best not indulge


SC just indulged in Majoritarian buying shop... You break it, you keep it for free

@gargeemk Owaisi is part of the fascists' turning India into a Hindu Pakistan plan. He's there to divide secular votes by taking away Muslim votes from secular parties while sending Hindu votes of secular parties to the fascists.

I've a small test to find out where he stands that I'll make public when the time comes.


@gargeemk There are quite a few contradictions in the judgment, but Owaisi's argument is hypothetical and irrelevant because the structure was demolished albeit illegally. If it were standing a different verdict would have emerged.

@VivekT So, this kind of majoritarian bullying is permissible?

@gargeemk Of course not! You are being kind in calling it just bullying, I call it tyranny.

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