I want to do a project in my city where people photograph a street and do a digital makeover regarding their dreams and visions (full artistic freedom). I hope to start a constructive discussion about citizen-based city planning.

I did not find any examples of what I imagine, so I made one ( #mastoart #solarpunk ). If you know of anything similar, please let me know. Some more examples would be helpful for initiating the project.


@dmk Adding stickers (digital) to the images? It would be easier for other people to reproduce the idea. Could it be superimposed on Mapillary images? to avoid having to use Google Maps like in this great project: sidewalk.cs.washington.edu/

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@garigari Sorry, I do not posses such tech wizardry. But thanks for pointing out mapillary.com/, did not know that. However, I noticed that it mainly shows streets from a car drivers point of view. I would rather improve streets and neighbourhoods from a pedestrian (and cyclist) angle. Creating cities for people, not for cars.

@dmk Hi Daniel,
I also believe and advocate for more inclusive cities that offer different means of mobility as an alternative to the automobile. The improvement of the pedestrian, cyclist and public transport infrastructure is undoubtedly essential. Some examples of how the Mapillary tool has been used in search of visualizing the first two: blog.mapillary.com/update/2018 cyclists.html


Another source of inspiration (I hope you enjoy this one more): urb-i.com/projects

@garigari Hi Gari, Thanks for pointing out the diverse uses of the Mapillary tool:
I definitely will ask some people (offline social network) if that could be useful for them.

By pointing out urb-i.com/projects you provided exactly what I was looking for. 👍
Their "Project Studies" and "Collaborative Design Challenges" provide tons of examples for my project. Thanks a lot!

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