I have never used #WhatsApp before, but today got a chance to see how it looks in person.

Realized how this app is so aggressive for permissions.

- when creating account, app ask for permission to read SMS so it can automatically type 6 digit code, spend more time explaining this permission than manually writing code will take
- cannot type phone number directly, must give permission to contacts if you want to start new conversation
- to play voice message from someone or send sticker you must give the app full permission to storage
- so many places to ask for camera
- to call, you must give the app "phone" permission, even if this is not technically needed for VoIP calls

Other than that, I can say interface is nice and clean, like cheap clone of Telegram (even if Telegram was second). Simple, fast and feels nice.

But still it's Facebook and nonfree communication app, please don't use it if you can and do not feed the network effect.

Proposes to Govt ID for Social Media and


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It looks like Gmail, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram,etc, and their respective users are going to have to do quite a bit of paperwork if the Draft Telecom Bill is passed in its present form.

They'll all need licences and will have to identify their users thru verifiable ID.

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Comparison is the thief of joy. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

The new "select all results matching search" function (in the main branch) is a blessing for dealing with spammers in Mastodon...

As you might have seen from the last boost, PeerTube's latest version now supports "ability to automatically import all videos from a remote channel (from another video platform)".

What does this mean?

It means you can automatically import your videos from YouTube to PeerTube 🥳

:youtube: ➡️ :peertube:

More info from PeerTube's official news page:


#PeerTube #Fediverse #YouTube

I am tired of seeing remote opportunities but only within certain countries. So, I made this site to curate completely location-independent jobs from various sources. It now has around 400 work from anywhere job opportunities.


Discussions: discu.eu/q/https://www.realwor

USDA approves genetically-modified purple tomato

I am highly against DNA modified things in general because no one can say what that will do with us on the long run.


The new joinmastodon.org website delivered by @oakstudios is live (has been for a little while, actually, but I've been working on it still). I think it's the best it's ever been. Check out the branding and about pages too!


Why and what possibly extraordinary thing are they doing with it? Should be usable, main website of Apple works without JS on same browser, limited but still is browsable.

We are now running our own self-hosted authoritative DNS servers which we have spread around the world for redundancy, trust and performance.

We invite you to read the final report, our responses and more details of our first security audit on Mullvad’s authoritative DNS servers, completed by Assured AB.


My 2y old nephew figured out how to use Signal to start a video call with me, so now he keeps calling and asks if he can come over to play with my Lego 😂

Proof that Humans evolved from Monkeys...❗🥐🍌😂

It’s not that I don’t like the idea of new technology. It’s that I worry about how each new technology will hurt a portion of society and, at this point, it is safe to say that every new technology hurts people in one way or another.

Do you use incogtube.com? Available on the clearnet, , , and networks this YouTube proxy allows you to watch content without feeding your data to Google. All requests are proxied through our NL location and served privately to you.

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