I must have checked my carry-around drinks bottle like a thousand times today and, yes, it's still water.

Hungry, Wet Alley Cat

My latest blog article on colour-toning and how it is interdependent with my photographic principles of encapsulation and orientation.


[Every phone and tablet OS known to man]
Ah, I see you've unplugged your charger. I take it you want your screen turned on to use up your battery faster.

Why did I learn photography from Flickr Explore? Let me show you why. And let me show you some excellent examples of the kind of photos I learned from.

A new blog post on my mono log, here:

"Ah, Sherlock, you're home. Sit down by the TV and tell me what you bought at the gardening centre." "A lemon tree, my dear, what's on?"

"Holmes! Moriarty just pelted me with flour and eggs!"
"Quick, Watson! Back to Baker Street!"

‪I was going to launch my self-drive car today, but it crashed with the error "Missing drivers!"‬

‪[New boxing commentator job]‬
‪Here we are, just seconds away from round two…‬
‪No! Wait!...‬

Started my new Yoga class yesterday. In the wrong place, I was. Took off the mask and little green costume, I did.

Rain and Storm Shutters - and all about Orientation, a new blog post on mono log, my blog about how I learned to love and to create monochrome photos


Him: "Don't be stupid! The earth isn't flat!"
Me: *shrugs*
*climbs back into steamroller*

My local clairvoyant couldn't pay me for fixing her car and suggested that she could 'pay me in kind'. I said, "You're joking! It's going to cost you a fortune!"

My short (1'47") video of the Put it to the People march and rally in London yesterday youtube.com/watch?v=aIS8S_-jAe

Ten free, royalty-free CC0 (Public Domain Dedication) photos taken at the Put it to the People march and rally on Saturday 23rd March 2019, free for use in your blogs, news websites, etc.

Me, interviewing Boris Johnson (or substitute whoever you want):
"So, Boris, how do you pronounce the word 'Uranus'?"
Boris: "My elbow."

I made a short (1'19") video of today's Global Climate Strike in London. It's published under the Creative Commons CC0 (Public Domain Dedication) licence.

Twenty free, royalty-free (Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain Dedication licenced) photos taken at todays Schools in London, for use in your blogs, websites, and news items; and you may crop, edit, and/or composite.


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