Kenny Rogers:
"You certainly *did* pick a fine time to leave me. I just got a tighter eel."

Watching Carnival Row.

Orlando Bloom has aged into my type.

Just sayin'.

Delivering Potatoes - a new blog post from my mono log

"Crafting an article is cooking. Putting together simple ingredients, you want to deliver the meat and potatoes but also get the flavour right. You need to consider who’s coming to dinner."

Toto: 🎶 "I bless the rains down in Africa" 🎶
Dorothy: "We're not in Africa *now*, Toto..."

The career of rock and roll singer The Vis didn't really take off until he moved to Spain.

Which fool named it a windcheater and not a breeze block?

My headmaster told me I'd go down in history. And geography, maths, English, biology, etc. And all because I told him I'd heard that the Dauphin had poor poise...

For the whole of the year 2000, a certain famous northern Irish footballer followed me around, doing everything I asked him to do. I think that was a personal Best.

I was so dozy this morning I went and put on two left socks.

Then this afternoon I went shopping for orange juice. The carton said “concentrate” on the side. Four hours in this supermarket, and nothing’s changed! Waste of time…

What fool called it Burger King and not Gerkin Berg?

What Makes a Good (or Bad) Photo? | mono log

What is it that makes a good photo? Is it to do with the ‘ingredients’ or is it the overall effect? Or the story it tells?

Read more on my blog, mono log

Me: Are bees black with yellow stripes or yellow with black stripes?

Interviewer: No, I meant questions about the job.

Learning for the Future
A new blog post on mono log about my four stages of learning monochrome photography. I hope you enjoy it.

Twelve (12) free, royalty-free, CC0, Creative Commons Public Domain Dedicaiton licenced photos of today's march and rally in central London for you to use

The Calm Before...

"There was a kind of hush, as if everyone was very aware who is in our midst."

People are complaining that I keep asking them to compare me to various objects. Gosh! What am I like, eh?

Anyone who seriously believes in phrenology needs their head examined.

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