Fischerspooner's 'Sir' *might* be my album of the year, but 'Butterscotch Goddam' is definitely my song of 2018 - and the video just makes it more so... via @youtube

I just backed The Anti-National Portrait Gallery on @Kickstarter

I just backed Hollow Monsters: WHO IS THE HOLLOW MAN? on @Kickstarter

Right, Mercury me old son, get me through the next two weeks with grace, let me glide and slide and juggle through all the work I need to do, give me the power of quicksilver, reflex, trickery, fuckin' circus skills. Praise be you cunning stunt man.

I just backed SINK Vol 1: Welcome to Glasgow - Crime/Horror Graphic Novel on @Kickstarter

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We're trying to make $6k by the end of Week 2 and we're at $5,800 - only $200 more and we'll hit our goal!

If you wanna help a game dev make a y2k puzzle game for design nerds and puzzle players, consider helpin out <3

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Big congrats to @PixelOccult for reaching the kickstarter funding goal within a couple of days!

Everyone else can still purchase a kickass #cyberpunk Neon Moon #Tarot deck at

I found myself inexorably drawn back in Twitter, and I wish I knew why... Well, I suppose part of it is that I know a lot of folk on there, but still... It negs me out.

It's been a while since I've been on 'Don, apologies for the wall of images 😂

Commission I did for a Twitter pal - continuing my line of neon cyberpunk

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Hey! is giving away Grim Fandango Remastered for free.

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