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Totally unacceptable behaviour from

Legality aside, this is the kind of "feature" as a developer we have imo an and professional obligation to refuse to implement.

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Hey I found a gaming meme in favour of decentralization

Started to play around with again today and noticed there's no language support in .

I've added a very basic syntax highlighting extension to bitbucket. Covers keywords, directives, comments and numbers.

Just finished reading "The ZX Spectrum Ula: How to Design a Microcomputer"

The chapters on the silicon level were both fascinating and right over my head :)

Inspiring me to reverse the Electron ULA (12C021). Base cell layout matches the ZX 6000 diagram although the meaning is currently as clear as mud 🤔

Tracking down project bugs due to engine upgrade without engine source is proving more frustrating that it should be 😭

I was planning to split the weekend between setting up the core on my and doing a little more development on my Acorn Electron core, then I read about mastodon...

Plans delayed, people to follow.