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2.5b people in Earth's 130 poorest countries have not been vaccinated. The 85 poorest countries won't be vaccinated until 2023. The humanitarian cost is unforgivable - and self-defeating, as each infected person is a potential source of new strains.



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Lockdowns were supposed to be a temporary measure. It has been a year. If covid is still rampant is because of government failure:

- Inability to acquire or produce vaccines

- Letting people visit the country without quarantine, causing continuous reinfection

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Brussels police will enforce any orders their masters tell them too

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Lightning Network whitepaper:
"If all transactions using BTC were conducted inside a network of micropayment channels, to enable 7 billion people to make two channels per year, it would require 133 MB blocks."
lightning.network/lightning-ne [PDF]

Apologies to everyone for being a conspiracy nut. It was not Twitter who deleted the tweet, but my @semiphemeral@twitter.com cron job, that doesn't work exactly as I thought.

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@gasull@twitter.com @semiphemeral@twitter.com Hmm I don’t think it does. The tweet object returned by the API has RT and like counts, and I believe the RT count doesn’t include quote RTs

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Twitter deleted my tweet linking to this article.

The product is by a synth-bio Harvard professor.

You can search for this article on LessWrong.

San Francisco has a long list of problems. Seemingly racist attacks are yet another one.

(This tweet is from someone I know)

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A month ago when we were moving into our new apartment building, I was attacked while I was standing on the sidewalk watching over our moving truck.

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Money exchanges in Hong Kong accepting USDT.

This one on Great George St with Peterson St, Causeway Bay.

Do crypto developers understand that miners are their customers?

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Attacking your customer isn't a great move.

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“The compressional, implosive nature of the new electric technology is retrogressing Western man back from the open plateaus of literate values and into the heart of tribal darkness.”
― Marshall McLuhan, Playboy magazine, 1969

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Blocksize and mass adoption.

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@fgbernal@twitter.com @gasull@twitter.com If users need to worry about such details, mass adoption will never happen.

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"Adversarial.io is an easy-to-use webapp for altering image material, in order to make it machine-unreadable."

"Total Cookie Protection confines cookies to the site where they were created, which prevents tracking companies from using these cookies to track your browsing from site to site."
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mainstream media should really re-write their bitcoin mining FUD playbook

our team @CoinSharesCo@twitter.com, led by @C_Bendiksen@twitter.com, debunked this narrative in 2018, and we'll continue to do just that

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Maybe Biden has dementia, or maybe he's just bad at reading the teleprompter.

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The only way what Joe?

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Is there still freedom of assembly in Spain?
Video showing police kettling protesters in a street, then attacking them.
No signs of rioting anywhere.

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Continúa la tensión social en producto del encarcelamiento del rapero

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Protesters in Spain for stop a rioter from looting a store, accuse him of being an infiltrator from the police.

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Había una vez un antifa que rompía motos con su barra de hierro.

De repente, sus amigos le dijeron: "para, tío, eso no es serio".

Y colorín, colorado, el antifa era un poli infiltrado.

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