Twitter isn't the place to convince anyone.

Triggering my designer friends:

Block web fonts for faster browsing (plus some more privacy and security). It's 2021 and the Web is still slow.

Almost any innovation that pushes humanity forward will increase inequality. Only those with time resources will do the research, find about it, and be the early adopters.

Crypto is an exception. Institutional investors were prevented from investing in it for the longest time.

We thought social networks were about connecting with people, but they're actually about fighting cultural wars.

@thedesertlynx Do you automatically crosspost to all those accounts? How?

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Thesis: people are nicer in places where rent is affordable and jobs abound.

The only difference between a CBDC and ”Bitcoin Standard” with mandatoryly licensed custodial Lightning Network is the end of an inflation-based economy, but with a KYC surveillance society.

Crypto can deliver much more than this.

I'm noticing how some people who supported Occupy Wall Street but now, between supporting the extractive class of the bankers on one hand, or the spontaneous order of cryptocurrencies on the other, they would rather choose the former.

The value (as measured in USD) sent over the BCH blockchain is already greater than the value sent over the BTC blockchain.

Beware of economic “news” that are actually economic propaganda.

Beware of economic “predictions” that are actually economic *prescriptions*, from those who are vastly benefiting from quantitative easing handouts, on the other side of the revolving door.

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"The flipside of Bitcoin's institutional adoption is that it's become more connected with the financial system...Digital investors who are proudly declaring their independence from the state might need to be bailed-out by the same state."


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If you don't choose between Blue Team and Red Team (or the political equivalents in your country), they will both consider you in the outgroup.

We frame history through the lens of what we consider important today: politics. In school, we memorize the names of kings, while inventions like the medieval body armor or gunpowder are a footnote. Let alone how biz was conducted in past civilizations.


If the news are fake imagine history.


Talking politics usually takes a toll on your friendships. But as more things become political, like wearing masks (and the mandates), avoiding politics becomes harder, because the sphere of politics is ever-increasing, leaving very little out.

@thedesertlynx Why do you have to wait for a BCH transactions? Nobody does. There's enough block space for every transaction. Do you mean waiting the 10 minutes for the block?

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WTF ... Mozilla had always running JavaScript inside PDFs disabled by default.

But now with FF 88 this option is ENABLED by default. Which means, if a PDF file contains JS it will run without any user interaction. What can possibly go wrong?

To disable this:

pdfjs.enableScripting --> false

# FF 78.10 ESR doesn't include this option and still blocks JS in PDFs by default. Just tested.

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