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Always assume I'm sincere posting unless clearly stated otherwise.

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Important message from the complaints department:

I have moved to @Gattogateaux
Please follow me there if you care.
(Boost if you may)

s/o to all the kids who lost their passions to ill mental health, the kids who slowly lost their passion and yearn for their past hobbies, the ones who are too anxious to return to the activities they loved because they're afraid of not being good any more, the kids who were really talented but struggled with self esteem because there was always someone 'better'.

it's okay to not be as good as you used to be, but it's not okay to let that hold you back - go back and /have fun/! 💖

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Shitposts are often inside jokes. Camaraderie.
It's fine. I hate it when its gross but that's literally none of my business.

I got many new followers on here on the past couple days but I'm at Rad Town now

I'm logging off till yall stop making anti wholesome c l o u t jokes

Blood sacrifice a hot catholic virgin (and or your shitty neighbor)
And have an orgy
Its @DickieGreenleaf s birthday
Fuck social. Hail satan

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I wonder if Japanese accounts are confused by the mass influx of enhlish speaking anime Avis?

The cheaper the pill, the more dye it has in it. Selfie Show more

I had a nice time at the restaurant. I like my moms new boyfriend.
I hadn't talked to a stranger in Months. I forgot I had a personality and that I can Talk To People. (Still felt Very Strange about eating in front of ppl tho)

I made a Rad dot town.
So. I'll be transferring my following list soon/tomorrow idk.

y'all. with the tumblr migration, there are going to be minors on your instance. so CW your nudes as "nude", CW your porn as "porn" and CW your genitals as "genitals".

it's a courtesy to the minors on your fediverse, and to everyone else who doesn't want to see your improperly or unclearly CW'd dick pic. "nsfw" is too vague.

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