The existence of "dry goods" implies the existence of the forbidden "wet goods"

@spookcentral not to ruin a good shitpost but "wet goods" is actually used as a commercial term to refer to anything stored as a liquid like paint or oil and it is most often used for alcoholic beverages!

@spookcentral also to answer your earlier question "dry goods" primarily refers to textiles and is part of why to this day "craft/fabric store", "hardware store", and "art store" are all separate categories despite selling related goods


@QuakerWanker @spookcentral
I thought "dry goods" were mostly grain, flower, sugar, etcetera. And "Wet goods" was fresh produce (canned too)

@QuakerWanker I extremely disagree but it turns out the meaning of "dry goods " changes regionally. But I stand firm on my "wet goods" interpretation

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