If you asked me what kind of feline is my favorite I would say.... 

The cat reading this :blobmiou: :patcat:

Not main account. Plz follow
I'm just testing out the emojos on here :AAAAAA: :knitting: :wyd: :yikes:
Ok I guess

s/o to all the kids who lost their passions to ill mental health, the kids who slowly lost their passion and yearn for their past hobbies, the ones who are too anxious to return to the activities they loved because they're afraid of not being good any more, the kids who were really talented but struggled with self esteem because there was always someone 'better'.

it's okay to not be as good as you used to be, but it's not okay to let that hold you back - go back and /have fun/! ๐Ÿ’–

How to steal bread 

Bread have a "best by: date" tag.
Steal a more current tag
Put it on your bad bread.
Try to return that bread cuz it looks like it went bad before that date.

An even more sure fire mode is:
Buy bread after your old bread went bad.
Keep your receipt!
Switch the tags.
Now you have proof that you bought the moldy bread recently.

(A bread tag is the lil plastic clip that keeps the bag closed)

Shitposts are often inside jokes. Camaraderie.
It's fine. I hate it when its gross but that's literally none of my business.

I got many new followers on here on the past couple days but I'm at Rad Town now

I'm logging off till yall stop making anti wholesome c l o u t jokes

Blood sacrifice a hot catholic virgin (and or your shitty neighbor)
And have an orgy
Its @DickieGreenleaf s birthday
Fuck social. Hail satan

fediverse meta 

i'm not really against m.s having open registrations and many accounts tbh. i think it's nice to have a canonical entry point for people, because having to choose an instance you know nothing about as the first action here is awful ux and surely an obstacle.
not m.s as the big instance but as a hub people land on and scatter from once they see instances they actually like, instead of picking one in a long list and seeing what happens or being discouraged by that choice

I wonder if Japanese accounts are confused by the mass influx of enhlish speaking anime Avis?

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