2019 in books:


(I read a lot of SFF this year!)

[Spanish] Fascinating article about the forgotten history of the women muralists of Mexico. Put it through Google Translate, it's worth it:


Starting the new year finalising an exciting non-fiction 2020 calendar with Strange Horizons, and some new additions to our columns writers. Watch this space.


Happy new year, everyone.

Some personal news: I ended 2019 by concluding a project that has been twelve years in the works - a science-fiction novel - and sent the final draft to my publisher.

It's called The Wall, and it is set in a far-future world. It will be published in mid-2020.

A little bit of imposter-syndrome, but a lot of excitement. Will keep y'all updated.

Listen to speaking to @gautambhatia about and

Differences in statements of various ministers including Amit Shah and Narendra Modi about the and

The arrests of activists, students and others in who were peacefully protesting against

and in


Fell behind on His Dark Materials because, you know, stuff over the last couple of weeks. Binge-watched the last three episodes tonight. Totally get the criticisms about the absence of daemons and the pacing at points, but that closing moments of the finale were absolute magic. Looking forward to Season 2 now.

Just finished Ted Chiang's book of science fiction short stories, 'Exhalation.' A brilliant set of tales exploring the interface between technology and free will.

Apropos of a thread I'd done a couple of weeks ago, here is an article by one of the foremost Latin American constitutionalists of our time, Roberto Gargarella, on why Chile is clamouring to rewrite its Constitution. (In Spanish, but the automatic translation is pretty decent)


His Dark Materials, Episode 5. Deliciously creepy, makes you fall in love with the world all over again - and, some particularly well-thought through departures from the text that serve to tell an important backstory. Don't miss it.

Zimbabwean High Court delivers a landmark judgment affirming transgender rights, relies upon both Navtej Johar and NALSA:


Fencing coach comes up with a new existentialist line each session. Last time it was "épée is about time and space."

Today it was "your movement is your language."

Maharashtra: How the Constitution was betrayed (and how every actor - the four political parties, the Governor, the President, and the Prime Minister - are all responsible) --


Oh my. Episode 4 of His Dark Materials is the best yet!

That soundtrack is killing me each time.

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