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My areas of focus are: work, careers and jobs and how they are changing. I work with HR product and services companies, and advise corporates

Personally, am a sci-fi and fantasy fiction fan. Also comic book. :batman: fan!

"The bigger question is: Will the future of work be a dystopia in which thoughtful young people tell themselves they want to save the world, but end up ruling the world instead? Or can the students use their deftness with the master’s tools to dismantle their own house?"

We can't claim to be a civilised society if we have come to the level of celebrating dubious police encounters as "justice".
Wind up all the courts then, and let police deliver "similar justice" in all cases.

Scientists have discovered that a single-celled organism, a descendant of some of the earliest living creatures on Earth, is able to colonize a meteorite, growing and synthesizing nutrients.

The Problem With ‘Hey Guys’

A broad coalition of English speakers is grasping for a more inclusive greeting.

Belarus’s Soviet Economy Has Worked Better Than You Think

Belarus kept old factories, jobs, and social services alive after communism. Now that model is under threat from Russia.

An American teen named Alex French sent into meltdown after gaining nearly a million followers in 24 hours on popular video sharing app TikTok.

"The world is laughing at President Trump": Biden video seizes on NATO leaders' hot mic

Why Sundar Pichai Cannot Both Operate And Innovate At Alphabet And Google

China Is Very Angry That Congress Pointed Out it Is Committing Massive Human Rights Abuses in Xinjiang

Sundar Pichai just got the worst job in Silicon Valley
None of Alphabet's "Other Bets" has shown signs of taking off, and Pichai may be forced to butt heads with Page and Brin since they will remain active board members and have voting control.

A harrowing study of 46,000 women shows hair dyes are heavily associated with cancer

Britain’s Secret War With Russia

The poisoning of a double agent sparked an intelligence and PR battle between London and Moscow, the details of which are only now emerging.

How one town fostered resilience by combating loneliness
A small British town used social connections to make residents happier and healthier

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