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@Deepsealioness would love to get a boost.

My areas of focus are: work, careers and jobs and how they are changing. I work with HR product and services companies, and advise corporates

Personally, am a sci-fi and fantasy fiction fan. Also comic book. :batman: fan!


'Shocking'. 'Brazen'. 'Clear quid pro quo'.

Justice AP Shah on Justice Gogoi's Mission Rajya Sabha.

Tonight, 8:30pm.


Just received an email with the subject "YOUR MOM". Took me a good ten seconds to realise it was about meeting minutes. #FuckAcronyms.

For a detailed breakdown of COVID-19 cases by country: active cases, recovered etc use this:


Rana Kapoor's flat raided by Enforcement Directorate (ED)
Is owned by Jyotiraditya Scindia.

Was Jyotiraditya Scindia threatened, with jail along with Rana Kapoor ?

Timing of switch to BJP Crime Dry Cleaners, was perfect.



Scindias are not Rajputs but Maratha Kunbis(same as Kurmis). Gwalior dynasty came up during decline of Peshwas in whose army they were cavalrymen. Post1857 revolt, rebel Peshwas were wiped out but Scindias' loyalty to British during mutiny earned them eminence worth 21 gun salute



Almost every high-stakes case in the last few months has gone in favour of the State. And still MPs see fit to browbeat and bully the judiciary in Parliament, and make dark references to IB reports. Banana-republic level stuff.



“O, Allah, why didn’t you make me a Hindu?” she said, her voice quavering. “Is it my fault that I was born a Muslim?”
Modi-Shah's Police Force Turned Against Muslims in Delhi.


@KayKap A 5600 megapixel image of 400 whiskies - you can zoom into each bottle check out the details on the label. When you zoom in, It takes approx. 10 seconds to get a sharp visual of each bottle (depends on WiFi / data speed)

*Mini handy encyclopaedia for whiskey lovers*😀

The WHO Report on

The bad news is that the WHO is worried that other countries do not have the capability or will to implement some of the same policies as China did

To all those who still think the were Anti-CAA vs Pro-CAA people. The photo has abusive language which is communal to the core.

Why your brain is not a computer

For decades it has been the dominant metaphor in . But could this idea have been leading us astray all along?

Meanwhile... NASA tracks a 4KM killer rock on approach - Could end human civilisation

Surprising study reveals what makes a good coder, and it’s not math, but the ability to learn languages.

Air Pollution Reducing Lifespan of Indians by Nearly 4 Years, UP Residents Losing Twice That: Report

Google's ambitious push into gaming is floundering, and it's due largely to too few games on its Stadia platform

Google didn't offer developers enough money, and they don't trust the mercurial company to stick with gaming in the long term.

The dangers of "workism"

People who view their work as their principal source of identity are hurting themselves and their businesses.

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