Does anyone have any ideas how to move PDF layers between files? The problem:-

I have a PDF that is stored as images, but mostly writing
I ran it through PDF sandwich - this creates a PDF with searchable text via OCR, but it makes the source black and white and removes any pictures in the document.

How would I apply the hidden searchable OCR text layer from one PDF, onto the pure graphical ( it much prettier) source PDF?

Any ideas? Do I need to hack pdfsandwich myself? Boosts welcome!!!

@category i would first try the other ocr options and if those don't work then unfortunately i think hacking is the least manual option i don't think any of these maintain source image quality but u can try


@category but on the bright side if you can't find a good tool and have to hack you can open an issue to make your hack a feature and then people don't have to suffer

@category what I'm thinking is you would have to script the layer transfer because pdfs are just like 'draw this thing here' so the transfer would be unique unless you take just the text nodes and put them into the image document

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