Whenever I see gay people post about Kate Bush I have to double check to remind myself that she's the singer who loves Theresa May and yep I am always right and I hate it theguardian.com/music/shortcut

Paying @matt@radical.town a guinea per word he says into my phone to make English Siri have a non BBC English accent

Fascism, cry for help 

Sorry for my absence. I'm fighting fascism right now. Things are serious in Brazil. A black man was murdered, stabbed 12 times while the murderer yelled the name of the fascist candidate. A girl with a t-shirt against the candidate was kidnapped by 3 men, who beat her and draw the Nazi symbol on her with a knife.

We are forming a resistance. However, Brazil needs you. We are afraid. This is a cry for help. Search for news about Brazil and share them of you can, please.

Pronouncing the Boston Celtics with a hard K to annoy people who purport themselves to be Irish

When you realize how fuckin boring everything was before the invention of things to distract you from being bored all the time

[looking over the most recent climate report] so what this is saying, in essence, is that if we kill a couple dozen CEOs, we can have all the beef we want

@buttcannon I disagree, you post at least as good as...whoever is a prolific poster here.

When women STILL won't fuck you even though it means the death of the species

When you die of an easily treatable infection because you can't even find simple table salt

Uruguay transgender rights bill advances 

#Uruguay #transgender rights bill would guarantee rights to "free development of personality according to their chosen gender identity, irrespective of their biological, genetic, anatomical, morphological (or) hormonal” aspects." telesurtv.net/english/news/Uru

Real accidentally stepped on a snail outside hours who's up


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*first post after fucking up seriously and getting clobbered for it by multiple people* H-hey boy h-who here likes airline food? I mean it's fine...if you do....never mind.

hey what up i'm queer as SHIT it's a goth gf SELFIE 

it's an old pic but WHATEVER

Also just so this isn't a vague post: yes, someone blocked me for making a sexy/lewd joke and no I thought we were still joking. I respect their decision and do not harbor any ill will about it. I'm also totally fine. I just wanted to make sure everyone else knew.

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