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probably should make a proper intro

i'm arin! i'm seventeen. i'm polyamorous, panromantic, and grey-asexual. my core kins are shuichi saihara (danganronpa v3) and michael mell (be more chill)
i have a boyfriend named tristan, and two qpps named jay and viktor! i love them very much!
follow me on vent .gaymerfics for more info if you really wanna get to know me!

crucial essential office supply: stapler thats actually a pez dispenser

nazis bad. cant believe this is controversial

*cracks a spine like a whip* where the fuck do I keep getting these things

"In Japan, cats are thought to have the power to turn into super spirits when they die",

Five minutes between the murder and the arrestǃ Think about itǃ You could make pasta in that amount of timeǃ If you like it al denteǃ

none of my friends are online, what am i supposed to do, stare at the tumblr icon angrily? yes absolutely

if yall keep moving to other instances im gonna become the single most powerful person on this instance

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