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Just so you know : when the admin of your instance says « Please don't make racists jokes » the good anwser is something like « Ok, sorry, I won't do it again. »

« Actually, this was not a racist joke. » is NOT an answer you wanna give.

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Thank you @Tyrron for the great idea.

To relieve pressure from Support on various instances, use and everyone that has the capabilities to can help.

In the process of getting help only tag support when the questions doesn't seem to find a solution.

Thank you in advance.

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reading a bunch of comments about Mastodon on tech news sites about how it "will never succeed" or will go extinct. Problem is, that defines Mastodon's success in the metrics of Silicon Valley VC. The point of Mastodon does not appear to be a growth -> exit -> brand vehicle strategy that Twitter has been struggling with.

I'm having a good time here. Isn't that success enough?

@Ashmshaw12 hmm, I..
could actually get that set up at least

@Ashmshaw12 okay no focus description on the page but I think this is the best we've got rn

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the social network experience should strive to be maximally intimidating, like piloting a jet. more buttons, and possibly a display that wraps around your head. many flashing lights, several of which signal imminent death

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If you're an admin of a large mastodon instance please DM Toot or bird site chirp at me. I'm starting a place to share admin tools and scripts, as well as discuss experimental mastodon custom server features, this includes themes/CSS to infosec related experiments in PGP Tooting and Signed profiles

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while i want to celebrate the increasing popularity of, it's pretty sad and rude to see people talking about being the "first ones here", "getting in on the ground floor", even debating what to call users of

we already did that, we already had a culture, and goddamn it we're called tooties

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the issue is that with so many people here we might hit a point where just eugen moderating is unsustainable. trying to do algorithmic moderation is a mistake, and you can only do so much with tech solutions. getting more federation will help a lot and making our spaces hostile to antags will go a long way to reducing the need for human moderators. maybe hard caps on instance and/or invites?

i do hope eugen decides to hire on some moderators, even unpaid

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Hey everyone, I'm a recently unemployed junior developer. Please help me jumpstart my career and find a job. Thanks!

@patienceinbee I would be even more excited if my depression wasn't hitting me really hard this week, but

I may finally be getting my E tomorrow and I'm so fucking hype

...that sentence sounded better in my head

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did a bunch of white cis (and maybe het) men grousing about rules & expectations suddenly appear on this instance, en masse? if so, there are so many other instances where you can set up your place. is one such spot. you can even make your own.

this instance,, is dominantly queer and trans folk, and i get the sense we'd like to keep it that way :thumbsup_tone3:

@ohtorifightclub Em that's

not how you use content warnings

oh also infosec folks, unless you're here for the furry and the gay, please find or make your own instance, this one is being overcrowded, thx

this is actually everything you need to know about Mastodon,