@unfa I appreciate they thought of replaceable battery and modem, wifi/BT, but this device is far from 'Open Source' as this has ever been a problem, since the baseband is VERY proprietary. Osmocom gets close to reverse engineering the protocol to communicate, but unlikely to ever become really fully supported without singing some NDAs. (note: I have worked in this industry and got sick and tired of the secrecy).

@gbraad I see. Todd Weaver mentions they want to go deeper and extend the libre approach to baseband firmware etc in the future. They've already done an amazing job at this, but the quest for a truly libre phone is not done yet.


@unfa The baseband firmware is having deep pockets or rewriting the baseband OS. Osmocom does part of this. But I am amazed that the screen question is still unanswered, as here in China thye would tell you immediately. Go cheap and just offer the screen. (re)glueing is easy! They still sound too much like a Cali startup. Glad they offer 'killswitches', but so many questions remain. Many I have seen failed ... let's hope one stays afloat and succeeds. ;-)

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