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Getting "500 Internal Server Error" when adding media. /cc: @Gargon

This is going to injure or kill child pedestrians.

The cars can't reliably detect them, and the "driver" can't see them over intervening vehicles.

Actually not a bad idea. I would instead use wood, but surely will test a bit with an older RasPi and some of the Sanwa (8-way) joysticks I got:

Chat with a millennial who works at bicycle store. "Cool so you work on 3d software. What's your Instagram account?"
Me: "Dunno, just look at blender dot org".
Reply: "I don't do websites anymore. Two lines of text and I'm gone."

OBS released v24;

* Twitch sponsorship,
* browser updates,
* custom dockable panels,
* pause recordings,
* etc.

A good example of a sense/useless toy < Hangrees: Weird Poo Slime Toys - @Ashens "It's the Hangrees! Weird toys that excrete slime into little toilets. Charming. And one of them has a full rectal prolapse, so look out for that!
Have we reached peak poo toy yet? I do hope so, or I dread to think what will appear soon..."

Went through some old repos and see if they needed to be archived, when I stumbled upon a series of presenations I made while doing . This is about the basic of OpenSource and community: It talks about Open Source, Cultural aspects, and a primer to Git. I also had some intros to OpenStack projects and components, but this is nice to read even without that context.

Burger King is giving up on free plastic toys for kids – when will others follow? < I do hope so. We recently got rid of toys and I was surprised how much was plastic and just useless!

Enjoying a masala chai.

Should drink tea more often ...

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