Just watched #TheGreatHack on #Netflix. What I appreciated about this #documentary on #Facebook and the whole #CambridgeAnalytica scandal, is that it's one of the few #privacy #documentaries to get that protecting personal data isn't just about not seeing personalized ads for stuff you're more likely to want. It's about protecting ourselves from mass psychological manipulation and behavior modification techniques. These are techniques that actually work *best* when people believe they don't.

@Blort Remember one thing: All those programs started in the 50s. Why do you think the documentary do not mention any company from that time? because they are the incumbents. The likes of Rand Corporation et al probably sponsored this documentary to kill the new players in their space.


Actually, I just came across this article (on VIce of all places) which sums up what I was just saying nicely::

@Blort Calling it surveillance capitalism falls short by painting a target on silicon valley only, in my view.

Missing ideas which were on wallstreet literal playbooks since the 20s. Edward Bernays ideas for example, which worked fine with broadcast (e.g. media, culture) and little to no feedback (e.g. surveillance), and won elections just the same.

PS: I frivolously consider Vice a NRA honey pot :D They publish US-left and US-right content. But the only thing that is always for, is guns.


I see your point although I feel that the problem has exploded well out of the bounds of one location (even if many of it's most publicly palatable prophets originated there).

Perhaps the phrase "surveilance as a tool to further power consolidation of incumbent power structures via psychological manipulation" would be more accurate than "surveillance capitalism". It just doesn't fit as neatly into a 500 character toot. 🤔

Now back to reading up on the virtues of my beloved NRA... 😜


@Blort My point was that a documentary on those topics could just call it Capitalism.

...Like anything on gulags call it an effect of communism :blobcat:

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