if you overload microsoft.​com with requests, that's an MS-DOS

I'm looking to talk to someone, ideally from an agency or small cooperative, who has switched to Nextcloud.

I'm interested in how people have things like Time Tracking and Deck configured for project/client work.

(please boost!)

Would you use a instance ran by ?

Start calling random things web4 to make the cryptocurrency people think they missed out on something


After Mozilla recently began accepting donations via BitPay, many people started being vocal about cancelling Mozilla and Firefox and switching to other browsers.

I know crypto sucks, but don't y'all realize that the other browser engines are developed by megacorps that are LEAGUES ahead in terms of ecologic impact, and that are almost entirely built on top of evil business models?

Mozilla's only sin was accepting donations via BitPay. Please let's stop being so toxic about everything, and boycott BitPay and Bitcoin rather than Mozilla, shall we?

Hey , how do I generate taproot addresses using bitcoin core wallet?

"How programmers comment their code..."

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Trying allsync.com as provider; It's ridiculously cheap (1EUR/Year), and works great.
Did anyone try it before?

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