@anita I find hard to understand what's the point of bitcoin y one only hodl it without spending it.
Spening it means that it is actually useful isn't it?

@fribbledom does a functional programming language ever made it to a final?

Run for survival in the Maasai Mara! Photo by Beena Balasubramaniam


@kirschner try pavucontrol > input Devices
You can mute and/or set as default.

Trying allsync.com as provider; It's ridiculously cheap (1EUR/Year), and works great.
Did anyone try it before?

TIL that has an `:ab[breviate]` command which corrects words as you type.

:abbr hte the
:abbr pign ping
:abbr iferr if err !=

@Jonathan it's amazing, you know the name of the project/ppl behind it?

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