Learning by playing is a perfect recipe for strengthening children's cognitive skills. GCompris has more than 150 activities that are fun yet effective. Download it now gcompris.net/.

We have released GCompris 1.1 with more translations, some graphics update and some bug fixes.
Check the full announcement on gcompris.net

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For Christmas, offer GCompris to your children. It's free and will give them hours of educational fun.

Chess makes kids better at learning languages and reading! (Source: Stuart Margulies, Educational Psychologist, New York). You can now teach your kids Chess in a fun way with GCompris.

Yesterday was World , but it's never too late to celebrate the importance of Computer Literacy with GCompris. Let your kids use programs like GCompris that not only complement their studies but give them a digital literacy advantage throughout their lives. gcompris.net/

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Got children running around the house because of lockdown? Keep them busy with KDE for Kids! Fun and educational activities for children from 6 to 99 years old.


Thanks to vidadesuporte for the funny cartoons to celebrate the 20 years of GCompris !

GCompris, KDE's fun-packed educational collection of activities for kids between 2 and 10 years old, is 20 years old today! Celebrate by downloading new version 1.0. It comes with more great activities and a new system to set the levels.

Celebrate World for Peace and Development with GCompris and UNESCO and teach your children the importance and relevance of science in our daily lives.


Let’s make this International Games Week special by letting our children play games that are fun and educational. Check out GCompris for mind sharpening games. gcompris.net/

We have started the "string freeze" period for our next release.
If you want to help us by updating or adding the translation for your language, now is the good time to do it.

You can find all the details on this message from our mailing list:


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The school is closed? Let your children learn at home with GCompris, the educational Free Software!

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GCompris, the FLOSS educational software for infants and primary students, is now free for all platforms, including Windows and Android.


To make sure GCompris continues to be developed, maintainer Timothée Giet has opened a Patreon account and is asking sponsors to help with donations through that.


If you want to support GCompris, the educational Free Software for children, please become a patron of GCompris on Patreon:

We are pleased to announce the release of GCompris version 0.97! Check the news on gcompris.net

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