This goes out to all my former teachers who told me: "you won't have a calculator with you all the time". funny how that went, huh?

@gcspitfire same

never leave home without at least one calculator and one slide rule

@null @gcspitfire don't forget your protractor and thimble (incase you need to do some knitting on the go)

@gcspitfire You will never be able to take your entire music library with you.

@gcspitfire funny how this also or even more applies to all fact-based subject/classes because you have access to the world-wide-web almost everywhere at any time... no need to memorize most of the stuff. Really wondering if some people are already working out if and how to change the general teaching paradigm...

and wrt. to that calculator app: "hey google/alexa, integrate 3x+5x^3 dx from 0 to 5" (it probably is possible already or soon will be i guess..)

@aslmx @gcspitfire should be possible. If you can correctly detect the spoken equation, you can send it to wolfram and it does it’s thing.

@gcspitfire At the time the teachers said that to me I did have one of those bulkier Nokias with the green screen with me and did use it as a calculator.

@gcspitfire Psssh, just a TI-36? I've seen emulators for 83,84,89, 91,and 92 out there. Those are the big boys/girls of the calculator world, and they all fit in my pocket. So in your face former teachers.

well, we were poor back then. it was the 90ies after all 😉

@gcspitfire fun fact: I was wearing a casio calculator watch when one of my teachers first said that to me

@gcspitfire When I was in school the only calculator was an abacus. I lost a full grade in my college physics course because of my arithmatical errors. Now you don't have that kind of problem.

@gcspitfire But I asked a 'calculator' elementary teacher what 9 7's were one day.
She immediately answered 63.
"Where's your calculator?"
Not teaching simple lists like times tables, nato alphabet, w/e is lazy bs. Kids that age live to memorize stuff. Memorizing is effortless for them. Pour it on!

Does the display still have high contrast? Mine got weak enough that I had to buy a new one 😥

@attilakinali thanks for the hint. it says "RCI 05 02 97" on the back - guess it's the manufacturing date. i really never cared about what kind of gen. it was tbh :)

@gcspitfire Yes I remember that phrase. When I was in secondary school pocket calculators were a fairly recent introduction in classrooms.


- Why study grammar and etymology?
- You won't have a spell checker…
- Why learn handwriting?
- You won't always have a keyboard…

Those aren't complete b.s. reasons, but a subtle hint for a likely coming apocalypse and the collapse of civilization… And the teachers wanted you to be prepared…

@gcspitfire tbf my prof in my math class does not allow phones for tests, just homework. So the expensive ass TI I knew not to throw out still has a use!

@gcspitfire now I want to track down my former teachers and rub this in their face

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