Here's another look at NGC 1265, this time with Hubble data showing the central disk of the otherwise nondescript elliptical galaxy. And then in radio emission are the lobes. Zoomed up close, they only look a little bent.

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The same galaxy, but zoomed way out, showing the radio emission forming long tails.

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Unfortunately there's also a pair of Milky Way stars sitting almost right on top of the nucleus of the galaxy. Ignore them with your mind powers

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Can't stress enough that although I've spent 8 years processing optical data, radio data are brand new to me, and I have absolutely no idea what's going on. I've read various press releases for things like this, but like... what are they again?

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@geckzilla Those are absurdly long tails, wow! That’s hydrogen emission, I guess?

@InvaderXan That's a good question that I don't know the answer to. I'm very new to processing radio data, and am bound to get things wrong. I already wrongly called the plumes lobes, although it seems like they're just different shapes for the same thing...

@geckzilla Honestly, the word “lobe” seems to mean different things depending on who you ask and what context you’re talking about. And don’t worry. Getting things wrong is just part of how we learn!

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