Finally dropped Windows completely and went full Linux. I kept it around just for gaming but the future for Linux gaming is bright and went all in :underheart:

Is there an infinite canvas drawing app in the ecosystem? The only ones I manage to find for linux are either windows only or abandoned/early development

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Our first presentation of #GUADEC day 2 is Keynote Speaker Hong Phuc Dang! Catch her talk in Track 1 at 15:00 UTC.

After laying down the basics for handling login errors in , I'm working on better displaying them
Some more merge requests down the line and I'll become the fractal login specialist :blobaww:

Really happy to finally contribute for real to

I was thinking about startjng a new project to get back into some web dev and I'd like to try out and ... Is it easy to setup a storybook with deno? And maybe on top of that?

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Huge data leak shatters the lie that the innocent need not fear surveillance | Our investigation shows how repressive regimes can buy and use the kind of spying tools Edward Snowden warned us about

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Questo è quello che è successo in #Germania tra ieri e oggi. Più di 100 morti e 1300 dispersi. Questa si chiama #crisiclimatica.

Quante persone devono morire e perdere la propria casa ancora per l'inazione delle persone al potere?
Servono azioni ora, non obiettivi lontani nel tempo.

Torniamo in piazza il #24settembre in tutto il mondo.

Valve finally made a "console", a PC in the form of a Nintendo switch. It runs Linux (SteamOS + KDE) and looks like an awesome idea. I'm really dubious how well the games will run since windows still dominates the pc gaming industry, might this be the proof that Linux gaming is finally here?

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A beautiful day in but a really bad idea to get a hot coffee in 34+ degrees

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Hello people new to Mastodon! 👋

Have you heard people mention "instances" but you're not sure what they are?

Your "Instance" is the site you signed up on. That's all, it's as simple as that!

You only need to sign up on one instance, because the instances are connected to each other.

It's like telephones: you only need one phone to call anyone, even if they are on another provider or in another country.

Mastodon is like phones, but for social networks: lots of sites talking to each other.

Trying all combinations of in docker, then in podman, podman in docker, kubernetes in docker in podman in --privileged docker in cri-o in kubernetes in rootless podman in rootful podman in docker in kubernetes in --privileged rootful podman in docker.....

Login on enter got merged in next!
It's a simple change after all but starting from total noob level on and , it was quite the journey 😀

I was very curious about the new look but found it disappointing. It felt like they distanced themselves from the typical recognizable look&feel of Microsoft and got a generic linux DE look...

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After days of eating too much at my parents I am finally back home so now I'll just eat junk food

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Ok I must say, the new version looks really awesome. Still unsure if I like the bigger tab-bar, but it now looks so polished. Love it! 😻

Finally done with a little Discord bot that generates images of anime girls 😂
I made it with and -rs. Fantastic library, just wish it had more docs for an overview of the lib or a getting started. Maybe now I could write about it 🤔

Started learning some weeks ago... now the hardest part: get an idea for some cool project 😳

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