Added RSS-Bridge - Consume content from non-open platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc) in your feed reader :

Updated Portainer recipe (sexy "expert simplicity") to version 2, with traefik v1/2 labels and forward-auth support ->

Added recipe for Linx, self-hosted media/file sharing tool supporting passwords, expiry, and even torrent links! ->

Added recipe for Photoprism, self-hosted photo app incorporating automated tagging using Tensorflow (6 Aug 2020) ->

Added recipe for Restic, simple and secure backup solution with huge range of target platforms via rclone ->

Added Traefik Forward Auth, replacing function of multiple oauth_proxies with a single, 7MB Go application, which can authenticate against Google, KeyCloak, and other OIDC providers -

Added Kubernetes version of Kanboard recipe, a lightweight, well-supported Kanban tool for visualizing your work -

Completed Kubernetes design, start-to-finish. "free" loadbalancing, automated snapshots of persistent data, and lets-encrypt secured inbound HTTPS -

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