In half an hour (30min), I'll be answering your questions - drop your questions at or join the live recording with the link I'll post in that YouTube thread a few minutes before the recording starts :)

Today at 5pm CET I'll be back on streaming some more work on the robotstxt-nodejs port!

Join the live chat and watch me work :D

It's a year since SEO Mythbusting season 2 was recorded in NYC 😳

Alright, at 3pm CET today, I'll go live on Twitch and take a look at porting Google's open source robots.txt parser to Node.js - let's see how that's going :)

Join the livechat at later today and be part of the fun!

Today's Google Doodle is a super cute Halloween game - underwater! 😍

I know what you are here for and I'm happy to deliver. πŸ‘

Small snapshot from MC'ing on Friday with the great, and - that picture very well encapsulates my nature, tho :D

+++ Breaking news +++
+++ End of bulletin +++

A hand grenade, shotgun ammo, safe, barrel, baby bed (?), dildos (???) and wheel later, we're done.

Like, physically and psychologically.

Oh whee! I did it! I managed to cycle 100km in one go (with breaks of course)! πŸš²πŸ’―πŸ’ͺ

This has been a goal for me quite some time now and finally I did it πŸ₯³

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