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better late than never: hey, i’m raphael. nice to meet you.

i’m a shy, long-time twitter user making a new home on mastodon. i like art, archery, bouldering, cats, chocolate, code, goth music, and tea. (lots of tea!)

during the day, i’m back at uni for a degree in digital humanities. (currently working on a library for analysing [pre]historic bow artefacts.)

@garbados hey, i’m currently looking for an instance to migrate to, and had an eye on (CoC reads well, it uses the glitch fork, cat theming always a bonus) i just wanted to check in with someone in the know if there’s anything worth considering before deciding to migrate. (f.e. an instance meant as a haven for persecuted/minority/etc folks doesn’t need me taking up space)

i really wish i had more interesting programming-related stuff to toot about, but alas, i am caught in a world of menial work and uni administrativa.

i had a good day at the gym today. a chill but hard ~2.5h of climbing and exercise.

good camaraderie, some direct successes, enough progress on other problems that they should be sendable next session. some campus board shenanigans, and helped make some struggling newbies happy.

also pulled some crazy wasteful, but WAAAAAAAAAAH feeling moves. :3

proof that youtube’s algorithm is a force of evil (part n): a mix playlist base on the sisters of mercy’s temple of love includes ac/dc’s thunderstruck.

mood, swearing (at myself) 

current mood, as shown in just-typed commit msg: ‘unfuck the replace regex. nice one, dumbass.’

birdsite link, excitement for friend co-writing comic 

look at the bomb my friend darcie just dropped: – she’s co-writing a comic with magdalene visaggio!

today’s :

i have: a dump of html files from an old website worth preserving (from wayback machine)
i want: understand what links where
i do: generate a sitemap. python-generated dot file generated a 3mb png. uh-oh.
my actual result: i am now more confused about the site than before.

ah, first bouldering day of the year. :) i felt about as heavy as is to be expected, post holidays, but it wasn’t too bad. still managed some double dynos on the campus board, too.

and my sister’s about to crack the next grade, and did well on the rings today, which is even more fun than my own climbing.

first of 2019: it’s time to up the weighted pullups from 15kg to 17.5kg again. yay pulling out of slumps.

however you tick around this time, dear fediverse, happy holidays, merry christmas, or just a relaxing last week of the year to all of you!
thanks for being here. i appreciate you. <3

i am proud of my mom. she’s slowly learning the ins & outs of the internet.

today, while testing if we got the home wifi to work on her phone with youtube:

‘uuuuh, tell me a video to search for?’
‘i don’t know, i never visit youtube. do cat videos, that’s what people use this for, right?’

always deflating as heck when you just have to stop climbing, no cool-down, no anything… because silly blister. :<

dang, today really turned out to be an email-writing kind of day. a little catching up with old friends, a good bit of answering coworkers’ tech questions, and then all topped off by a long discussion-of-basic-principles mail to a co-worker. y’know, the kind that takes ~2h to write, because when linguists talk about changes in lemma sorting, they seem to lose all ability to speak in generic terms.

talk: i received the last volume of sophie campbell’s yesterday and wow. i get that the mix of goth/queer/lynch/slice-of-life is very much a cup of tea matter, but i love it. what i’m most impressed with is the exact note sophie managed to hit for the comic’s end.
wet moon lives off leaving stuff unresolved, so there can’t be too much closure. on the other hand, wet moon lives off the humanity of its characters, so it can’t just let us go away. she balanced it perfectly.

even if you’re not super into , this video of magnus midtbø is worth watching: – he’s in jordan, climbing with and talking to alex huber.

it’s just beautifully human to see alex reminisce the early days of climbing, the death of wolfgang güllich, and both segue-ing into enjoying every day of climbing you can get. very silent and introspective and nonspectacular.

also, gorgeous mountains.

at the same time, these young’uns are sitting there, trying to get some JS framework to work, being all like: ‘oh, you don’t really do programming in DH, do you?’ – ‘personally, i just do more python stuff. last term, i wrote a library for archaeology stuff.’ – *nods knowingly* ‘ah, no wonder this stuff here is a bit much for you.’

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like, how can you claim scientific transparency when you have to blindly trust a proprietary tool to work as advertised? when you can’t just publish your code to show your process pipeline because your process was an ephemeral sequence of clicking buttons and copy-pasting the result?
how can you do work like this on a professional level without writing generic processing pipelines instead of doing stuff by hand over and over?
not to mention locking your data away in proprietary file formats!

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