Birdsite cross-posters opinion 

Starting to think they do more harm than good, at least when the direction is twitter->mastodon. Yeah it lets twitter folks try mastodon without committment, but that lack of committment is also a problem. It also lets a lot of twitter bs seep into the fediverse.


Birdsite cross-posters opinion 

@Gargron yeah, that makes sense. tweets are written for twitter’s constraints and (more importantly) one’s twitter audience. cross-posting doesn’t really make you *try* mastodon, it just shouts out a text string into a context not its own.

i try planting small mastodon seeds in the minds of my twitter friends, to make it a known point on their map. but ultimately, i’ll also have to find people and discourses here. and that can’t be expected to happen in an instant.

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