I’m so happy I took the challenge of learning the basics of server administration years ago.

Being able to control your presence online is the future. Yeah it’s a bit more work, but nothing beats being able to build/host your own services.


@Are0h since that kinda came up at work/uni a while ago and the computing centre couldn’t help: do you know of any good starting point for a desktop linux versed person to get a grip of server admin?

@gekitsu I’m gonna boost this because a lot of people here is Linux as their main OS. I don’t know much because I’m a Mac person.

@gekitsu @Are0h DigitalOcean's tutorials are pretty good, although a bit specific to their platform.


Servers for Hackers is also great.

I will say this: if you're comfortable with command line package installation, it's pretty much the same process whether on a laptop or web host.

@Are0h @gekitsu (I use Mac OS X most of the time, but I also have a Lubuntu laptop that I sometimes use for dev work.)

@webinista @gekitsu I keep meaning to make a Linux partition on my machine to check out modern Linux environments. How do you like working in it?

@Are0h @gekitsu If you spend a lot of time with the OS X command line, the transition is pretty seamless.

That said, Lubuntu/Ubuntu's GUI is far less polished.

Frankly, I'd probably switch if I still didn't need to crack open a Photoshop / Illustrator / Sketch file from time to time.

@webinista @gekitsu I hear you. That and gaming is what keeps me on the Mac side.

@Are0h @webinista @gekitsu just curious, have you all tried the Windows Subsystem for Linux stuff? I hear it's been pretty good for people in your case (want industry standard apps and games that just works, but also a *nix) - I'm just wondering if it lives up to the hype for people who actually seriously use it.

of course, that's assuming you find Windows acceptable...

@calvin @webinista @gekitsu Nah I haven’t, but the only time I use Windows is for games, so it’s not really of interest for me.

@calvin @Are0h @webinista i left the windows world before that was a thing, so i can’t comment on it. but i agree, it looks to be aimed at closing the dev-friendliness gap to macOS.

@calvin @Are0h @gekitsu I can't get past Windows 10 to try it.

I set up my mom's Win10 laptop and ... I won't be going back to that OS any time soon.

@webinista @Are0h @gekitsu yeah, it's a pretty big "if"

there's other options, but they range from "buggy" (Wine) to "lots of overhead" (a VM) - probably undesirable for Serious Business™ unless you REALLY want year of the Linux desktop

that said, YOLD is the probably the most realistic it's ever been yet for people - Steam for Linux has been a huge boon if you play games, and from what I've heard, Adobe's not opposed to the idea...

@Are0h @webinista fwiw, i switched from windows when win10 took shape, and what tiffany tooted rings true to me as well. more choice of GUIs is great, but more seams = more sources for stuff to go a bit rough.
some industry standard programs aren’t available (adobe a big culprit indeed), but some programs start to really shine (everything terminal). the terminal differences must be way less severe for you than they were for me.
no AAA games, but indie stuff more present than expected.

@gekitsu @webinista Yeah l live in terminal, so that part is cool with me.

The biggest factor is software. Linux has come a really long way in the last few years so I’m optimistic about it becoming a viable option for me, but it’s not quite there yet.

It’s exciting watching the progress.

@webinista @Are0h ooh, thank you very much! yeah, i do a lot of work in the terminal, so i figured some stuff should carry over easily. still, finding something that neatly explains missing puzzle pieces proved to be more difficult than anticipated. and i’m still salty with the computing centre for being ‘no, we provide courses on all kinds of useless crap, but we can’t possibly teach you substantial and useful skills.’ (cc @qwertystop )

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