I’m so happy I took the challenge of learning the basics of server administration years ago.

Being able to control your presence online is the future. Yeah it’s a bit more work, but nothing beats being able to build/host your own services.

@Are0h since that kinda came up at work/uni a while ago and the computing centre couldn’t help: do you know of any good starting point for a desktop linux versed person to get a grip of server admin?

@gekitsu @Are0h DigitalOcean's tutorials are pretty good, although a bit specific to their platform.


Servers for Hackers is also great.

I will say this: if you're comfortable with command line package installation, it's pretty much the same process whether on a laptop or web host.

@Are0h @gekitsu (I use Mac OS X most of the time, but I also have a Lubuntu laptop that I sometimes use for dev work.)

@webinista @gekitsu I keep meaning to make a Linux partition on my machine to check out modern Linux environments. How do you like working in it?

@Are0h @gekitsu If you spend a lot of time with the OS X command line, the transition is pretty seamless.

That said, Lubuntu/Ubuntu's GUI is far less polished.

Frankly, I'd probably switch if I still didn't need to crack open a Photoshop / Illustrator / Sketch file from time to time.

@webinista @gekitsu I hear you. That and gaming is what keeps me on the Mac side.

@Are0h @webinista @gekitsu just curious, have you all tried the Windows Subsystem for Linux stuff? I hear it's been pretty good for people in your case (want industry standard apps and games that just works, but also a *nix) - I'm just wondering if it lives up to the hype for people who actually seriously use it.

of course, that's assuming you find Windows acceptable...


@calvin @Are0h @webinista i left the windows world before that was a thing, so i can’t comment on it. but i agree, it looks to be aimed at closing the dev-friendliness gap to macOS.

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