@angristan So probably the most outrageous thing is that literally the only other case of them shutting anyone down was the white supremacist site. Implicitly saying that sex workers are as bad as white supremacists. Smh

@gargron @angristan

when they banned the nazis, they took years to finally do it and the ceo had an existential crisis over it

they banned switter on a whim and the ceo isn't having a meltdown

they're saying sex workers are *worse* than white supremacists

@vi @angristan @Gargron that's not really the case. Dropping hate groups isn't necessarily a legal issue, but, at least in the US after recent laws, dropping switter absolutely is a legal issue. When it comes to priorities for companies, legal always trumps moral, right or wrong. The problem here is with US law, not Cloudflare. I for one am glad a decentralized solution exists so the people can just find another DNS provider and continue on expressing their freedom.

@badstate @gargron @angristan

There's no law making it illegal to do the same immediate public handwringing they did after banning the nazis.


@vi @angristan @Gargron @badstate yes, this. no law forbids them from making a fucking ruckus about having their hand forced in that way. staying silent and not issuing a warning *was* a choice.

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