@sungo You always struck me more as a "ships in a bottle" kinda person.

Maybe "3d print ships in bottles"?

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If you have customers on macOS, today is release day for Big Sur. You may see a higher-than-usual support burden if anything in the new OS is different.

Whoo, the blog post auto-twooter supports Masto now too.

@cadadr @emacsen Back when I actually curated my mp3 collection, I kept stuff in directories by album, with a 'meta' subdirectory with per-track metadata in YAML files, and I had a Perl script that would update the id3 tags (including album art thumbnails).

i should get back in the habit of curating my own mp3s...

sample YAML file:

@sungo FWIW, I've been pretty pleased with Gitea, but my demands are pretty minor.

@sungo yeah, i think you'd almost need to write a new git subcmd to support that on the client side?

@sungo What do you mean by "totally static" in this context?

@sungo A former co-worker had a monitor grid that was 3 wide by 2 tall -- and all like 27" monitors or bigger.

Couldn't ever decide if I'd ruin myself for _not_ having that sort of setup, or if I'd end up hating it.

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As usual we have a word in German that perfectly describes what we witnessed tonight.

It's called "Fremdschämen" and it's the vicarious embarrassment you get when you see something so deeply mortifying, you feel embarrassed just watching it.

TFW your kid comes to you for help with a homework assignment that's "make a web page using CSS" and tells you the teacher gave them W3Cschools as the reference.

Y'all, the outrage. Like, flames. Flames on the side of my face.

Hey, Fediverse buddies -- before I start trawling NPM, does anybody have a recommended Node package for posting to Mastodon?

Thanks in advance!

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