@obra oh, doesn't look like it supports movement tho.

@obra even better: they mix the real constitution with 9,999 copies of the constitution before rendering them all into 1x1 cm squares

@obra FWIW, I don't _thin_ I'm in that beta but following the link allowed me to join.

@randomgeek i hear bias lighting helps.

...not a white guy joke, an actual thing, i swear.

@randomgeek it's all the beardy.

and the white.

even worse when it's a white beardy white due. (omg, the glare.)

irc, libera, znc, frustration 

@emacsen fwiw, i'm seeing those with IRCcloud too; they are coming from libera.chat; they don't seem to be affecting anything at all about using the network.

FWIW, in your shoes (well, my shoes), would ignore.

@djsundog if you do shake a stick, make sure it's on the 2s and 4s, not the 1s and the 3s

@sungo You always struck me more as a "ships in a bottle" kinda person.

Maybe "3d print ships in bottles"?

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If you have customers on macOS, today is release day for Big Sur. You may see a higher-than-usual support burden if anything in the new OS is different.

Whoo, the blog post auto-twooter supports Masto now too.

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