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Have you ever thought, "boy, i wish my keyboard wouldn't let me use the modifier keys on the same side of the keyboard as the key i'm trying to modify?"

Do you have a .io Model01?

Boy-o-boy, do I have the plugin for you!

\o/ It took around six hours total, but I've got my Model01 firmware repo caught up with the upstream and the new config format, ported my one custom plugin to the new API, and flashed my second keyboard to my preferred layout.


Saying the depressing part out loud: if we can't get decent compliance with "wear a mask when you're outside and say six feet away from people outside your household at all times" part, the "stay home if you feel sick" part ain't gonna work for shit either.

Hey, lazyweb, now that i've almost completely vacated Github for a self-hosted Gitea, what's your self-hosted Gist/Pastebin-like service of choice?

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