Sweet rye bread, spiced with cardamom, orange zest and aniseed, made with light rye flour and honey

It’s been wrapped in oiled paper in the cupboard for two days to finish. It tastes delicious!

@meena yeah, I needed to build it up to have enough for this bake, and underestimated how much it would expand when active... I need a bigger jar!

@genmon mine's in a 1l jar

but i'm currently unhappy with
the top goes all hard

@meena pics! (Why does the top go hard? I'm new to starters, still figuring it all out)

@meena tasty! What flour do you use? Do you know why it’s drying out?

@genmon rye!

and i think it's drying out because of the temperature fluctuations i've been exposing it to

but the bigger issue is that it's started to form mold on top of the jar — i believe the temperature fluctuations may also be to blame for this

so i'm gonna have to start over.

@meena boooooo. Good tip on temp changes, I'll have to watch out as I move it in and out of the fridge a bunch

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