Until this is taught in British schools (at least, I never learnt it in school), and until empire is seen with clear eyes, the cognitive dissonance of knowing-but-never-admitting will continue to poison Brits and we will harm those around us

It's not nearly enough, but sorry.
Exactly one hundred years ago today, the British army decided to kill over a thousand peaceful, unarmed protesters in India out…

I think I only learnt about the massacre when I watched Rang De Basanti?

Similarly, I only learnt about the UK's role in the Bengal famine (3 million died) when I was in a museum in Kolkata. The absolute shame that hit me in that place at that moment (for what had happened but also for not knowing) I will never forget

Operation Legacy was the systematic destruction of files in the 1950s and 1960s to conceal the history of empire. My feeling is that this process has never ended

@genmon I'm old enough to remember Jewel In The Crown and the Gandhi movie

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