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mom said its my turn to be on the popular list.

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rats, were rats. we're the rats. we prey at night we stalk at night, we're the rats. i'm da giant rat dat makes all of da rules. lets see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into!

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hewwo fwiends! i'm chara aka jin or connor!!! i'm 16 and a kinnie,,, any pronouns are fine with me! i'm bi with heavy preferences to males of all types! im probably gonna post art and shitposts here!! im happy to meat yoodle! (i know how to spell meet shuddup)

im going to lay down like a cat like you know where the paws are folded under them u know

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*joins discord server*
*gets anxious and leaves*

sensitive content
me: clicks
(please mark ur posts as nsfw)

someoone said a tier TWO swear word. that's so dubious.


ugh depression can you not! id like to be happy for once

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i love feminine nonbinary people.... nb doesnt have to mean masc or androgynous and if u dont have to fit society's perceptions of gender to be sexy!

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things outside: *make noise*
my house: oh lets make it sound like theyre inside isnt that a funny joke

lets be real, i havent seen sunlight in days

hi,,t or mmiss, ig oguess/ they nEver miss,, hu]h?e you got a ;boyf rrie nd i ,,beet he 0,,doesn't kis;s Y;;aa. he go n' ffi,nD a/naotbher g;;irl a;;nd;; he won;;t0 miss yta. he go;n' skr rt and'd hit th e dab lIke W i,,z khalifa

someone: nuguhujnghuuuuh kin drama!!!
local timeline: pizza mothman!

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no one retoots, guess my humor is so advanced they dont even register it.

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imagine calling ouma a nazi this post was made by the actually played v3 gang

i cryptically dance while distorted "on the floor" by jennifer lopez plays in the background

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