me: *sends a pic of a bee* here’s a hint about your present!!!
holly: jar of bees???? bee dildo????

if i dont wanna do backgrounds i just cover the whole damn thing with roses

yes im aware i forgot the ‘i’ in kakashi at least i tried to edit it in

actually, @ everyone follow me on twitter bc im a struggling artist and i post photos of my pets

before any of u get in my dms abt a joke toot !! i searched the hashtag !! i wanna see my edgy death lacrosse boys!!!

a wip of my art trade with aspen... jesus christ how do people draw clothes folds or hands

i swear he has two ears but one of them is floppy so it disappears in most photos

im just trying to get a nice photo of him why does he move as fast as my timeline

anyways here’s my cat, his name is sage but we call him adam driver

sorry for how much art im posting im legit just crossposting it from my other social medias to here anyways here's my old dnd character, hestia !!

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