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me: *sends a pic of a bee* here’s a hint about your present!!!
holly: jar of bees???? bee dildo????

my hip just popped and it felt so good i astral projected to another dimension

first five to retoot get redraw of their icon with my trackpad in mspaint

Anyways if you were obsessed with “Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper” as a kid then congrats you’re gay now

Hatsune miku charged me $15 for a retoot

an instance where hetalia is explicitly banned

i made curry for dinner.... was good........ we failed a cooking the rice tho

i can cook complex recipes but i cant cook eggs or rice... why am i like this

i almost forgot that i need to leave for therapy RIGHT NOW because i was sad about haku’s backstory

being emo abt my gf and how good she is to me 

i literally cant fathom someone being like In Love with me and caring about me genuinely because my exes got me all fucked up so literally any time holly does something cute or is nice to me im like 'haha gay ass' but inside im UWU

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