Hey instance-jumpers, how easy is it to make the transition? Debating switching to fosstodon.org

I got called a Fascist for saying I hated Disturbed's cover of Sound of Silence, AMA

Writing 👏 like 👏 this 👏 makes 👏 it 👏 hard 👏 to 👏 read 👏

The last 24 hours have been:

- Work from midnight to 5 AM because my datacenter had a fire.
- Sleep 3 hours
- Work 5 hours in the office cleaning up aftermath from the fire.
- Sleep 3 more hours
- Group therapy with my mom for her drinking problems
- Eat, walk dog, mundane tasks
- Do MORE work because backups are failing and fuck if I know why.

*mutter something about uptime while crawling through air ducts*

You never "find" time, but you can always "make" time.

the shining is the best scary movie ever made and it’s not close.

finally masto offers a sequel to the childhood feeling of an entire forum getting locked or deleted by the admin

Puppy with the zoomies is a lot less endearing when its outside and its poring rain and he's pouncing in the mud and its also midnight when everyone else in the house is asleep and you have food on the stove and you're trying to be quiet but there's a muddy puppy flying all over and you don't even have a towel handy.

This is my actual life. And I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Follow @Ghast for the best candy corn memes this side of the Mississippi.

Unrelated I feel like "this side of the Mississippi" is a phrase that needs to make a comeback.

I got Slay the Spire as a birthday gift and it is a shitload of fun, holy shit.

Having a patrician's evening on after spending the day cleaning the garage and grocery shopping like some kind of domesticated mad man.

Pic related, me_irl

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