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I am "this country's going to hell" years old.

password generators are shit because they have to rely on the random number generators in your computers and software that the NSA obviously controls

the most secure password generator is putting a cat on your keyboard because nobody knows what the hell those devils think, not even the NSA

"In praise of dials, toggles, buttons, and bulbs."

Great collection of images and pictorials of the above on a wide assortment of control panels. (via

Shout out to on freenode for helping me be less of a Dingus... Again.

@Tasnyx meanwhile I still have friends who call me by my WoW character's name from way back when.

If you're new to GPG or looking to improve on your broken hodge-podge mess that you have now, like me, this is by far the best guide I've found. are you talking about ublock origin? Are there ads getting past it?

Might be worth reporting that on github, I'm sure there's a workaround for it.

@cypnk @art meanwhile I'm a bit fed up with Mozilla and planning to switch to a combination of Falkon and Palemoon.

I realized how few extensions I actually used. I just need content filtering really, and greasemonkey for tweaks. Otherwise, I just want to show web pages, and quickly.

Sorry for the stream of thoughts. Just found it relevant to my own current paths.

Unless you have a very good reason not to, or are publicly known anyway, there is really no need for you to use your real name or photo online.

Back in the 90s when i first discovered the internet, this was common knowledge. Nobody used their real name on forums or share personal information without considering the consequences. Those few who did were promptly told that's a bad idea.

It seems somehow we unlearned this, right when corporations started monetizing that information.

*goes off to find the proper bulbs*

"Don't leave I have the right ones somewhere."

*dims the lights to set the mood*

"So, how do you-"

*lights flickering*

"Fucking LED bulbs."

The root of the problems with American healthcare are unrealistic expectations set by the accessibility and overall lighthearted approach to disease we saw first with Dr. Mario.

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